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Dotted is bringing you a "pay as you earn" service.

Dotted Finance is a cash injection into a business against your future takings – whereby a percentage split will be put on the customer’s card takings, usually around 15% - 25% per transaction.

The process of repayment is through transactions of the business, it is not a set amount per month. The amount will depend on the company’s earnings, for example: if your business has a quiet month, you won’t pay as much back until things start to pick up again.  Our panel of funders purchase your future card takings and advance anything from between 100 - 240% of your average monthly takings.

We have a quick and easy application process that takes just a few minutes. Once that has been approved, you will receive the funding in your account within a few days. Payments are flexible and based on your business’s card sales, with no fixed repayment period. Repayments therefore match your performance, making it an affordable option. You can be approved for £2,500 to £200,000 and pay back just one simple all-inclusive cost.

The funds can be used for several different reasons, such as:
· Purchase stock
· Refurbishment
· Expand business
· Cash flow
· Rent deposits
· Tax bills
· Recruitment costs

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