PHEW Warranty

When a  Private Hire vehicle or leased vehicle  breaks down, whatever the reason may be, the frustration and inconvenience caused can be immeasurable. It is not just the cost of putting it right; it is the time and hassle involved in organising the repair of your vehicle. Being without your car for any period of time means loss of the only one in the UK to offer vehicle warranties for commercial purposes and will cover loss of earnings if vehicles are off the road.

Mechanical Breakdown Cover for all vehicles including Hybrid (MBC)

PHEW have developed one of the strongest MBC products available in the market today. PHEW understand the need to offer exceptional products at affordable prices.

When your Private Hire or leased  vehicle breaks down the repair costs can run into thousands, this can put immense pressure on your personal finances and business and can create unnecessary personal stress. For this reason we have developed a product that will negate or at worse reduce your financial responsibility. PHEW Warranty is the only one in the UK to offer vehicle warranties for commercial purposes and will cover loss of earnings if vehicles are off the road.

The Benefits

In the event of a valid claim the following additional benefits are available to You, subject to the Claim Limit. As with any claim, You must obtain authorisation from the Claims Administrator before incurring these costs:

1. Vehicle hire: We will contribute up to £20.00 per day (including VAT) for up to 3 days for vehicle hire where a claim has been authorised under this Plan and the Vehicle cannot be repaired by the end of the first working day.

2. Towing-in: We will pay for towing charges up to £50.00, including VAT.

3. Continental use: Cover is extended while the Vehicle is in any country of the European Economic Area, for up to 60 days in total in any 12 month period. Our liability will be restricted to the equivalent UK rate for labour charges, and to the manufacturer’s list prices for parts, current as at the date of the claim.

Bespoke Plans

Pricing starts at £385 per annum:

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Introducing Dotted 360

In previous years, the industry focus seemed to be on retaining cash customers and ensure the loss of business to the likes of Uber is kept down on a customer by customer basis. With the introduction of Uber for business, you have another contender to win new account from your firm. We will not let this happen.

Due to our wealth of experience in the industry, the team at Dotted developed:

Dotted 360 - Account, Sales and Management.

Dotted 360 was specifically designed to ensure a better working relationship between fleets and their corporate accounts, as well as, generating further work from new accounts.

Whatcan Dotted 360 achieve?

Introducing Dotted 360. A sales and management solution for your fleets, specifically designed to help Private Hire firms secure and maintain more corporate accounts – (only available on a 1 fleet per area basis).

As part of Dotted 360 you can utilise both our sales and management services. Relax. We've got you covered. Dotted can provide you a service of managing and winning you new corporate accounts for 75% less than employing an in-house account and sales person.

During a critical time for everyone post-COVID19, we can help you save money through the cost-effective process of Dotted 360 - exclusive to iCabbi marketplace! Future proof your business with Dotted 360 today!

Whatcan this service do for you?

  • Increase your account bookings and reduce cost per acquisition
  • Minimise headcount costs
  • Eliminate training expenditure
  • Eradicate time spent managing sales teams
  • Attract more drivers with a wider portfolio across the week

Getin touch today to learn more about prices and what Dotted 360 can do for you!