Two words. Human. Sponges. They have an incredible ability to soak up knowledge allowing us to train and mould them into exemplary sales people that can sell tech products and services in their sleep.

Youth, enthusiasm and optimism make graduates ideal for chasing new business. They approach tasks that more established sales people often feel some degree of snobbery towards, ie. cold calling, with drive and determination.

They offer a fresh perspective, new ideas and give companies a modern edge – goodbye stuffy suits and ties!

Technology is a huge part of young people’s lives and they’re passionate about innovation making tech products the perfect products for graduates to sell. Their sales pitches are so natural because they truly believe in what they’re selling.

Young people are often afraid to say it but they are hungry for money - how else are they going to fund trips to Bali and cocktails on a Friday night? Our graduates are rewarded financially for their hard work and dedication so they consistently smash their targets, generating you a higher revenue.

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